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1. Do not grief or steal.

  • Modifying blocks that aren’t yours (griefing) and theft (stealing) is strictly prohibited.
  • In addition, do not trespass on private property unless you’re given permission by the landowner. All buildings are private unless stated otherwise by the owner.
  • Protecting other buildings and claiming it as yours is classified as larceny-theft, which is still punishable.

2. Do not spam or abuse capitalized letters.

  • Repeating letters, words, or sentences, more than two (2) times in a row, is considered as spamming. You may correct yourself if there is a mistake in the previous sentence you published; but, there is absolutely no need to repeat the entire sentence to correct one (1) word.
  • Interchanging letters, words, or sentences in a spamming fashion is also not allowed.
  • Using the same letter excessively is acceptable to an extent. Do not go overboard on the amount, especially if it is unnecessary.

3. Do not be rude or purposely annoy other players.

  • All forms of disrespect towards another player or group is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, sexism, racism, etc.
  • Joking around with friends is fine, but should be moved into private messaging if other players are offended. It may also be suggested that you make it clear that you are friends with the other person.
  • Be friendly to all players. We are all here to have fun, but not at the cost of offending others. If the purpose of your message is not clear to staff, you will be muted. Stating “I didn’t mean it.” will not help your cause.

4. Moderate your swearing.

  • Although swearing is allowed on the server, it should be at a strict moderation. Other rules should be taken into consideration when choosing to swear (not being rude, etc).
  • If you feel the need to have extreme sexual or vulgar conversations with another (or more) players, please consider discussing it in a private group chat or private message. You may also take the discussion to the “Off Topics” section in the forums.

5. Do not advertise.

  • Advertising of any non-Fortcraft related material is strictly prohibited on any Fortcraft servers and websites (TeamSpeak, Forums, Minecraft server, etc).
  • Posting links from the following domains are allowed in chat as long as they are friendly towards all age groups: Imgur, YouTube, and from the Fortcraft domain. This option should be used to share things with the community.
  • If you feel the need to share anything else in private with your friends on the server, please consider another type of communication.

6. Do not scam players.

  • You are not allowed to scam players for in-game currency, blocks, spawners, etc.
  • Only make deals you know you can hold, any chat message is considered a legal binding, and failure to comply with the agreed terms will result in a ban.

7. Do not abuse any type of glitches.

  • This includes any and all glitches related to our plugins, server and setup. If you find a glitch, do not attempt to exploit it. You are recommended to report it right away. Players caught exploiting glitches will be permanently banned from the server.

8. Do not use any type of illegal mods or hacks.

  • This includes any and all mods that may give players an unfair advantage over others.
  • This also includes X-ray texture packs, as well as any alteration done to your “.minecraft” folder.
  • Here is a list of the currently allowed mods on the server:
    Armor HUD’s
    Improved Animations
    Chat Bubbles
    Chest Sorters

9. Complain on the website, not in chat.

  • If you have any issues or concerns regarding a punishment please take this discussion to the forums. Complaining in chat will not help their cause.
  • The reason we do this is to keep unnecessary arguments outside the chat and to allow for any player, online or offline, to participate in ongoing discussions.

10. Donors and staff are not exempts from the rules.

  • The server rules are for everyone to follow. Just because you donated money or help keep the peace does not mean you get to do what you please.

11. Do not use alternate accounts to bypass any form of punishment.

  • If you’ve been muted or banned, do not come online with an alternate account and say “why was I banned”. If you believe you’ve been banned or muted without a reasonable cause, make an appeal on these forums.
  • Bypassing a punishment will result in the alt account being permanently banned from the server, regardless of the punishment put on the main account.

12. Do not build closer to any other town than 3 chunks (48 blocks).

  • Our map is quite huge, try to space out as much as you can, if issues arise where people are closer than the 3 chunk limit, the player who was there first will be allowed to stay.
  • If you find yourself too close, after a few days of building, do not fear. Our staff members will be happy to help you relocate.

13. Do not auction or flaunt inappropriately or obscenely named items.

  • Do not auction any disrespectful or racist named items. Keep the auctions at a mature level, as they are easily viewable by everyone. - Auctioning series of inappropriate items will result in your auction privileges being taken away.

14. No DDoS or malicious threats.

  • This includes DoS, DDoS or any type of threat towards a player or the server. Death threats, DOX threats, anything you can think of is included.
  • Note that joking regarding this matter is not okay, and will result in the same punishment as the violation above.

15. No AFK machines.

  • This includes all structures that allow you to bypass our AFK kick timer, including any client side software that logs you right back in. A violation of this rule will result in a ban for seven days time and your OnTime and balance being reset.