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    With the launch of Fortcraft 4.0 and the removal of protection stones, I feel a good towny guide is needed that keeps up with the changes to towny. Thanks go to FrostVolkoff for creating the orginal guide. Red commands are mayor/assistant only, blue commands are for anyone.

    Before starting a town, there are a few things to consider. You first need a good location for it. Make sure you are at least 3 chunks (48 blocks) away from other towns. I reccomend being much futher away than this so you have room to expand your town as youd like. You also need to make sure you have the money to start and expand the town, and to cover the daily taxes. It is $1000 to start a town, $25 to buy town plots, and $300 a day tax for a single person town. I will cover taxes more further down. Make sure you deposit money into the town bank to cover town fees and taxes. If you dont have enough in the town bank to cover taxes, the town will be disbanded, the buildings stay, but you will have to restart the town and pay the fee to start it again.

    Now that you have a town, you will want to expand it. You will be able to claim 25 town blocks starting out, and that will grow as you add more residents, as will your town taxes. Joining a nation will also increase your plot limit, it is wise to join a nation asap.

    As you add residents, your town taxes will increase as will the number of plots your town can claim. Here are the town levels, along with the taxes and town size for each.

    You have the option of earning town money thru taxes or the sale of plots, keep your taxes reasonable, or players will leave. It is also wise to let players know about your town taxes before inviting them to town. The money from these will go into the town bank.

    Permissions are a more in depth topic than I will be explaining fully here, google "towny permissions" for a more in depth guide. I will cover a few of the basics here however. A town assistant can be added that will have some, but not all of the powers of the mayor. All town commands can also be used on plots by residents using /plot in place of /town.

    Hopefully this guide has helped you get started with towny. If there is anything I have missed, or anything you feel should be added to the guide, please let me know here or on the server. Happy mayoring!
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    Many of the commands for the following plugin are listed here:

    These Include..

    Resident Commands

    Brings up your Towny overview.

    /resident ?
    Brings up resident help screen

    /resident list
    Shows all residents on the server.

    /resident [name]

    Shows information on a particular resident.

    /resident friend add [name]
    Sets a player as your friend. Friends can bet set to build in your plot. Friends can be anyone, even people that are not a member of your town.

    /resident friend remove [name]
    Removes a friend from your friendlist

    /resident friend clearlist
    Clears your friendlist

    /resident set perm on/off
    Turns of all permissions within your plot. See Resident guide for more info.

    /resident set perm [friend/ally/outsider] on/off
    Turns of all permissions for a particular group.

    /resident set mode map - To Turn Off = /resident set mode map,off
    Turns on the towny map. This changes every time you step into another plot. This spams your chat!
    [Incredibly useful for mayors mapping out plots!!]

    /resident set mode townchat/tc
    Sets focus to townchat
    Easier Alternative: /t tc

    /resident set mode nationchat/nc
    Sets focus to nationchat
    Easier Alternative: /t nc

    /resident set mode reset
    Turns off all modes that are active.

    Town Commands

    Brings up information on your current town.

    /town ?

    Brings up town help commands.

    /town [name]

    Brings up information on the specified town.

    /town list
    Brings up all towns on the server.

    /town leave
    Leaves your current town

    /town here

    Shows information about the town of the plot you are currently standing in.

    /town spawn
    Teleports you to your town's spawn.

    /town spawn [name]
    Teleports you to another town's spawn.

    /town claim
    Claims a plot directly adjacent to your town.

    /town claim outpost
    Claims an outpost for your town. This does not have to be adjacent to your town, but will cost more money.

    /town claim [radius]
    Claims plots in a radius around your current position.

    /town claim auto
    Claims as many plots as you are able to afford. This claims as many plots as you can afford, so therefore it is not recommended. I have not tried this yet, so proceed with caution.

    /town unclaim
    Unclaims a town plot

    /town unclaim [radius]
    Unclaims plots in a radius around your current position.

    /town unclaim all
    Automatically unclaims all plots.

    /town withdraw [amount]
    Withdraws specified amount of money from the town bank. Only the mayor can do this.

    /town deposit [amount]
    Deposits specified amount of money in the town bank. All residents can do this.

    /town new [name]
    Creates a new town

    /town add [name]
    Adds a resident to your town.

    /town add+ [name] [name] [name] [name]
    Adds several residents to your town. Names separated by spaces.

    /town kick [name]
    Removes a resident from your town.

    /town kick+ [name] [name]
    Removes several residents from your town. Names separated by spaces.

    /town assistant add [name]
    Promotes a resident to assistant.

    /town assistant add+ [name] [name]
    Promotes several residents to assistant. Names separated by spaces.

    /town assistant remove [name]
    Demotes an assistant to resident.

    /town assistant remove+ [name] [name]
    Demotes several assistants to resident.

    /town set board [message]
    Sets the town board message. Will only work with simple messages. [Example. 'Welcome To Rift!' or 'Welcome To The Trading Town Of Rift']

    /town set mayor [name]
    Changes the mayor to specified resident.

    /town set homeblock
    Sets the town homeblock to your current plot. Must be within your town.

    /town set spawn
    Sets the town spawn to your current location. Must be within your town.

    /town set perm [on/off]
    Turns all town permissions on/off.

    /town set perm [resident/ally/outsider] [on/off]
    Turns all permissions for specified group on/off.

    For example: /town set perm outsider off.
    This will make it so that outsiders cannot do anything inside your town.

    /town set perm [build/destroy/switch/itemuse] on/off
    Turns off permissions for all groups for specified action.

    For example: /town set perm switch on
    This makes it so that anyone on the server can open chests, pull levers and open doors in your town.

    /town set perm [resident/ally/outsider] [build/destroy/switch/itemuse] [on/off]
    Advanced command. Sets permissions for specified groups for specified actions.

    For example: /townset set perm resident destroy off.
    Residents can now not destroy anything in your town. Remember that residents can set different permissions within their own plot.

    /town set taxes [amount]
    Sets up taxes. Residents will be deducted the specified amount every 24h. Taxes are collected 1 seconds after upkeep is collected. This means that enough money to pay for upkeep should be in the town bank before taxes are collected. Mayors can choose between a flat tax or a percentage based tax, see for toggle command below. Remember this can be set to 0 if you choose to use plottax instead.

    /town set plottax [amount]
    Sets up taxes per plot owned by a resident. This is a flat amount. This can be set to 0 if you don't want to use it.

    /town set plotprice [amount]
    Sets up the price for claiming a plot. This is when a resident claims a plot in your town to build on.

    /town set name [name]
    Changes the name of your town.

    /town toggle explosion
    Turns explosions on/off within your town.

    /town toggle fire
    Turns fire on/off within your town. Fire spread is turned off globally on the server. Turning this setting on will make it so that fires can be lit, but they won't spread.

    /town toggle mobs
    Turns mob spawning on/off within your town.

    /town toggle public
    I believe it restricts access to your town from players not living inside your town.

    /town toggle pvp
    Turns pvp on/off with your town.

    /town toggle taxpercent
    Toggles between flat taxes or tax percentage. Uses specified amount in /town set taxes

    Plot Commands

    /plot claim
    Claims a plot as a resident. This is can only be done in the town you live and after the mayor has put it up for sale. Don't confuse this with /town claim.

    /plot unclaim
    Removes ownership of a plot as a resident.

    /plot forsale
    Puts a plot up for sale as a mayor. Uses the price set in /town set plotprice.

    /plot notforsale
    Stops plot from being up for sale.

    Towny World Commands

    Shows information about the world you are currently in.

    /townyworld ?
    Brings up townyworld help

    /townyworld list
    Shows all the worlds on this server.

    /townyworld [name]
    Shows information about a specific world.

    General Towny Commands

    Brings up general towny screen

    /towny ?
    Brings up towny help.

    /towny map
    Brings up the towny map. It focuses on your current location and shows all claimed and unclaimed area around you. It also shows which direction you are facing.

    /towny prices
    Shows towny prices.

    /towny universe
    Shows you a pretty heart. And some information about this universe.

    /towny v
    Shows towny version.

    Chat Commands

    /townchat or /tc
    Use this to only speak to members of your town.

    /nationchat /nc
    Use this to only speak to members of your nation.

    /res set mode tc
    Use this to focus on townchat.

    /res set mode nc
    Use this to focus on nationchat.

    /res set mode reset
    Use this to reset chat mode to default.

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