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    To Evisea players,

    Starting today, the framework for rules will be updated to its entirety. Previous set of rules made before today are now considered obsolete and will no longer be enforced by the staff team. This idea was developed in efforts to make this server a game again. In doing so, from this point on, we will be speaking in a more relaxed state of mind.

    To start; this server is not just a server. It is not just something you just go to in your free time. This server is a game and we want to keep it that way. The goal is to have a fun and relaxed gameplay where you can join and have fun with your friends (and possibly make new ones too!).

    The rules are going to be kept simple and clear:

    1. No Griefing or Stealing
    This is the most simplest rule to follow. Do not touch something that does not belong to you. Modifying a player’s area without their strict permission, regardless of if it is claimed or not, is forbidden. This includes stealing/placing items from chests, placing or removing blocks, and anything similar. _General rule of thumb_, if you’re not sure about an area, ask a present staff member so they can quickly check for you. If no staff member is present, find another area that you feel safe in.

    2. No Drama
    Causing any type of drama and/or disruption in the chat is not allowed. Keep the chat environment friendly and peaceful. If there is something you must discuss with another player; please continue it via our private messaging system in-game or somewhere private.

    3. No Controversial Topics or Builds
    Please refrain from talking about possible controversial topics/builds where players may potentially get offended because of what you may say or do. If you can keep the conversation civil and friendly, you may do so. However, if a player does not feel comfortable with a topic or it starts getting out of hand, it is advised to end the conversation or move it elsewhere. See the Respect rule for additional comments. Keep in mind that this is a game where everyone wishes to spend their time on and have fun. There is no need to talk about certain topics on the game.

    4. No Scamming
    Any type of fraud activities on the server is not allowed.

    5. Keep Swearing to a minimal
    Although swearing is allowed, keep it to a minimal. Do not direct the message that may contain a swear word to a player or group. Please see the Respect rule for additional comments.

    6. No Hacking
    Any type of modified client is not allowed unless stated otherwise by the player guidelines. This is to keep players in line of a fair gameplay.
    Allowed Mods: Optifine, Armor HUD’s, Shaders, Improved Animations, Chat Bubbles, Chest Sorters

    7. Do not abuse Glitches & Exploits
    Taking advantage of an exploit in any way is not allowed. It is suggested that you report all known issues so they can be addressed. Players known for exploiting might risk their account to be wiped clean.
    This includes mechanisms to bypass the AFK kick or anything similar.

    8. No Advertising and external links
    Advertising other servers (name, URL, IP address or anything similar) is forbidden. Refrain from posting external links in the chat unless it contains kid-friendly content.

    9. No Spamming
    Repeating similar phrases (regardless of whether or not they are alternating with different messages) and flooding the chat with pointless messages are not allowed. Please keep the chat clean and clutter free so other users can talk. Spamming a user (or more) privately is also not allowed, including command inputs such as teleportation requests.

    10. No Excessive / Caps
    Please control your excessive letter and cap usage in the chat. It is okay to use cap to emphasize a certain word in a sentence, but if it is considered “screaming” on the internet, it is not allowed. You may use excessive letters, but keep it to a minimal and not unnecessarily.

    11. Show Respect
    Please show respect to everyone on the server. We understand that not everyone will like every player on the server. However, if you cannot keep a nice and clean conversation with the player(s), it is suggested that you keep to yourself and not say anything at all. This includes any type of threats(DDoS, DOX, etc.) made upon a player. Understand that everyone has their own point of view and thinks differently. If somebody voices a concern in the public chat and you have the ability to help them, then do so.

    12. Use Common Sense
    Overall, use some common sense. You should know what to do and what not to do. If you are not certain about something or if you are doubtful, just ask a staff member. They will try their best to help you out. In most cases, if you think something is not allowed, it is most likely not allowed. Again, ask a staff member to be certain.

    In addition, if you are here to just cause trouble, drama or problems in general, we may kindly remove you from the server. We are all here to just have fun and play Minecraft, including the staff team. If you are trying to push the rules to see how far you can go, then leave. We are better off without you. Playing on this server is not a right you have, it is a privilege. Respect our wishes to maintain a friendly and peaceful environment for everyone.
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