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"A simple yet essential plugin which creates, supports and helps communities thrive!"

Towny is a large part of Evisea and how the server functions. Almost all of the players utilize Towny and the features that the plugin provides, allowing them to create communities which grow and expand. By creating and using towns, it brings players who
might not normally interact, closer together! Along with Towny Chat, which is integrated with Towny and the servers chat, to allow private conversations to exist between towns and nations.

"A beautiful and inspiring environment, making exploring and discovering much more exciting"

The custom world is designed to inspire, to give players the chance to build, really build. By cutting down on oceans and other less used biomes, it has allowed for the Evisea world to be packed full of new and exciting areas waiting to be discovered.
This world can be viewed at our live map here. Want to collect materials and ores but don't want to destroy the unique places around you? Use our Resource World! A randomly generated world is waiting to be plundered, use /farm to get there.

"Skill levelling, special abilities, rare loot, what more could you ask for!"

mcMMO is a popular plugin that offers players an RPG-like experience while playing Minecraft. These different skills are integrated with our ranking system to allow skills to be unlocked the higher rank you are! Not only does mcMMO skills enhance a variety of
aspects of your usual Minecraft experience, but it also offers loot and rewards the higher up you level. The PVE experience is also improved, perfect for the upcoming Dungeons plugin!

"An incredibly addictive feature which gives useful rewards for hard work!"

Quests is a new way to challenge and reward players for their efforts on Evisea. From making beacons to mining ores, a variety of quests makes players go out of their way to try and complete them all. Rewards include things like tyche keys,
bonus claim blocks and even money! Also, by regularly hosting vanilla mini-games, it allows various prizes to be rewarded for players for things like completing mazes, being hide-and-seek champion and much more!

"Balanced, improved, redefined."

An essential part of Evisea is our ranking system, by working hard and earning money you can unlock more features and aesthetics that enhance your online multiplayer experience!
The ranking system operates in a way to always encourage you to keep going, with gameplay changing features constantly being unlocked, you'll always want to strive for the top.

On Evisea, our distinctive components and mechanics keep players intrigued by improving their online multiplayer experience. Numerous core plugins have been included which the server relies on to offer players however much assortment in gameplay as they could want; this is accomplished by providing journeys, additional in-amusement mechanics, a customised tiered ranking system and a startling yet enjoyable disease and thirst plugin which includes an extra layer of difficulty to your typical everyday Minecraft life.

Our dedicated staff team help to enforce rules which help maintain a healthy, friendly community. With CoreProtect, a trusted block and entity logging plugin, allows players to feel that extra bit protected when playing on the server. Still don't feel protected enough? Well by using Lockette, Towny and Grief Prevention, you are able to claim areas for yourself or your town and with Lockette, you are able to lock blocks such as chests and doors for even more privacy.